3 Reasons Why Effective Packaging Design is Essential for Your Business

Do people judge a product by its packaging? Most of the time…heck yes. Really, packaging is often the very first impression of your product and has the power to make or break sales. In fact, research shows that almost ¾ of people — about 72% — agree that packaging design influences their buying decisions. 

Here are our top 3 reasons why your business needs amazing packaging design.

3 Reasons Why Effective Packaging is Important for Your Business

1. Packaging attracts potential customers

Think about walking down a store aisle, okay? There are tons of neatly lined up products surrounding you, but your eye automatically gravitates towards certain ones. Why is that? Well, it’s simple: The products you notice were specifically made to attract you, AKA the target audience. When the packaging is able to communicate the voice and personality of a brand, as well as the quality of the product inside, it connects to the right people right away.

Everything from colors and fonts to the shape of the package speaks to different people and communicates different messages. Make sure you know exactly what your packaging is saying, and who it’s speaking to for the best shot at attracting more customers.

2. Packaging sets you apart from the competition

Competition is high these days. People interact with thousands of different brands per day, which means standing out is harder than ever. But, creatively designed, on-brand product packaging can help you stand out from similar products and brands on the market. Standing out from others while staying consistent and recognizable to the overall brand is a sure sign of well-designed packaging. 

3. Packaging is a helpful marketing tool

Your packaging carries your brand with it wherever it goes. It has obvious marketing potential, but there are also other ways it spreads your brand (with no extra effort to you). Customers share pictures on social media channels, show it to house guests and friends, and even use it to package other things. Many people save packaging materials to reuse again and again, so just think of that free marketing potential!

So, here’s the question: Is your packaging helping you attract consumers, stand out from the crowd, and expand your brand’s presence? If not (or if you’re not sure), we’re here to help! Contact us at Dekree Studio today to get the most out of your packaging design.