How to Stand Out with Brand Positioning

Have you ever noticed that we sometimes think of specific brand names in place of their generic counterparts? Here’s a simple example… What do you think about reaching for when you have dry lips? While lip balm is the generic answer, you probably thought about Chapstick, specifically, right? 

That right there is the power of brand positioning – it allows brands to stand out from competitors and spring to the top of consumers’ minds quickly. Want to learn how it’s done? Let’s dive into what a strong brand positioning strategy looks like, and how to successfully craft one for your business. 

What is brand positioning and why is it important? 

Brand positioning is about more than having the catchiest jingle or slogan. It’s the process of positioning your brand in front of the right audience while inspiring them to think about it above competitors. 

As you can see from the Chapstick example, when it’s done well, brand positioning is an ongoing source of brand awareness – creating a positive, favorable image that can even reach the subconscious level.

Here are the main benefits of strong brand positioning:

  • Clarity is created about who you serve and what you do
  • It’s easier to stand out and differentiate from competitors
  • The right audience can find and connect with your brand
  • Word-of-mouth marketing spreads your positive image
  • Your pricing decisions are validated and supported

The key thing to remember is that every brand has a reputation and an image, whether it’s shaped on purpose or not. If you don’t create a brand positioning strategy to take control of your brand’s narrative, or you’ll find it in the hands of others. So, it is important to cultivate the image you want, and brand positioning is where it starts. 

What are the main types of brand positioning strategies? 

You have some options when deciding how exactly you want to position your brand in the marketplace. While the goal is ultimately to make your brand stand out, the right strategy depends on what matters most to you and your brand. Let’s look at 4 of the different types of positioning strategies and an example for each one. 

1. Quality-based brand position strategy

For brands that want to show that they offer high-quality, reliable, products that are absolutely worth the cost, a quality-based brand positioning strategy works well. This approach highlights what makes the brand special – like what materials are used, how products are crafted, and what types of results you get. 

A brand that uses this strategy well is Chipotle. The positioning of Chipotle puts it far above other convenient, take-out style restaurants because of its emphasis on quality, healthy ingredients. 

2. Price-based brand positioning strategy

If affordability is how a brand wants to stand out, then a price-based strategy is what they might choose. This aims to position a brand as the most price-effective option on the market. Just know that choosing to highlight a low cost can also put the quality into question, which is why you have to really know how you want your brand perceived. 

e.l.f. Cosmetics is a prime example of price-based brand positioning. Many people searching for affordable cosmetics would think of e.l.f. as a cost-effective alternative to pricier brands, especially since affordability is a rare thing in the cosmetics industry.  

3. Convenience-based brand positioning strategy

A brand that wants to be top of mind for the easiest-to-use products might choose convenience-based brand positioning. Becoming the most convenient option works well for brands that want to appeal to an audience that values things like efficiency, speed, and simplicity. 

Ever heard of Swiffer Wetjet? Probably, because Swiffer has done a great job of positioning the product as a much more convenient option than a traditional mop, or other types of floor cleaning products. 

4. Customer service-based brand positioning strategy

Last but not least is customer service positioning, which focuses on the excellent customer service of a brand. This can be an effective positioning approach because there’s lots of competition for any type of product out there, and focusing on the service gives a desirable edge that other brands may not have. 

Trader Joe’s stands out as a grocery store because of the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. It’s widely known – even by people who don’t shop there – that the service at Trader Joe’s is what makes it a special place. 

How to take your brand positioning strategy to the next level

If you’re not sure which brand positioning strategy to go with yet, don’t even worry! The best course of action for making sure your brand can stand out from the crowd is to work with a brand design firm. 

It’s a big task – effectively communicating your brand’s identity in a way that resonates with the right audience. So, asking for a bit of help from experts is always a good idea. A brand design firm can help give an analysis about your current positioning, and help point you towards what works and what needs to change. 

Then, you can dive deeper into your target audience and buyer personas to really get to know who you serve. Once that’s established, your design team can help you craft a unique value proposition and positioning statement that both align with your values, goals, and messaging. 

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. To get the most out of your brand positioning strategy, testing is a very important step, and one that the right design team will carry out seamlessly! You’ll want to know how your positioning statement affects customers based on feedback, analysis, surveys, etc. 

Consistency is always the key, so make sure your new brand positioning strategy can span across all of your various channels and platforms, while perfectly merging with your other marketing strategies. Having the support of a design team will ensure that all of your branding efforts are working together to better the image and reputation of your brand. 

Design experts at Dekree Studio would love to help position your brand to stand out from competitors and come to mind easily with your audience. All you have to do is let us know a bit about your business by reaching out here!