Who Are We?

Dekree Studio is a creative agency dedicated to bringing your brand to life through impactful strategy, design, and marketing.

We like to think of ourselves as the creative wheel that keeps on turning. Dekree is made up of creatives and problem solvers that specialize in building character and brands from excitingly beautiful design and engaging marketing.

We’re an agency that is small by design. It allows us to focus on what we do best, give the most personalized service, have streamlined communication and most importantly, quality control.

What We Do

All Your Marketing Needs in One Place

devin seymour dekree studio

Devin Seymour, Founder of Dekree Studio

When Devin Seymour worked in LA, she realized quickly that she was the go-to for every business she worked with — so why shouldn’t she start her own? And, Dekree Studio was born: a full-service creative and design agency using strategy, marketing, and next-level design for impactful brands with Devin at the helm.

From LA to Houston to Washington DC, Devin has intermingled an innate business sense alongside powerful branding intuition to create Dekree Studio. Whether it’s by conducting client meetings with her powerful personality shining through or it’s dreaming up client projects that smash the glass ceiling, Devin has created a business dedicated to bringing storytelling and strategy to the table.

Since 2014 Devin and Dekree have had their hands in projects for everyone from Hublot to the Grammy Awards with hundreds of clients in between taking advantage of their collective experience and expertise to deliver solutions that drive growth and results. 

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