What's in a Logo?

Have you ever wondered if a logo is really a necessary investment? Here’s the short answer: Yes.

Here’s the long answer, though: A logo is actually the foundation of your entire brand strategy, and it communicates your goals, values, and credibility. Really, you can’t afford to not have a great logo.

Why Your Brand Needs a Logo

At its most basic layer of a logo, you have the most recognizable piece of the puzzle — the visuals. That’s a good start, but the visual part is really just the tip of the iceberg that is your entire brand identity. See, a truly strategic logo supports your marketing goals while communicating who you are to your customers. It’s aesthetically strong, but also has an ocean of depth underneath that supports your purpose and message.

Truly, having a strategic logo will connect with your target audience, set you apart from competitors, and build trust and reliability that leads to happy, loyal customers. 

What Makes a Powerful Logo

Wondering what’s in a logo? We’ve got you. Here are the 4 things to look for:

Is It Memorable?

Can your audience recognize your logo right away? Does it stick with them in the face of constant stimuli and distractions in the consumer market? A logo that connects to your customers’ emotions will build a lasting impression that stands out against other brands.

Is It Easily Understood?

Clarity is super important in grabbing attention. After all, you only have about 2 seconds to make an impact on your audience! Don’t make them guess or think about what’s going on in your logo or what it means. Keep it simple. Focus on a clean look that quickly communicates your messaging.

Does It Stand the Test of Time?

There will always be trends…they come and go like the seasons. You want a logo that will hold up in 5, 10, even 20 years, right? At Dekree Studio, we get tons of requests for redoing outdated logos. How great would it be to get it right the first time, so you can stay consistent and build loyalty through the years?

Is It Versatile?

Imagine having a creative and powerful logo that you love, but needing to choose where you can use it. Heck no, right? Your logo needs to be everywhere in your branding and marketing to make the biggest impact. In fact, your customers expect to see it across all channels and platforms. Make sure your logo is easily adaptable without losing its quality. (Psst… this is where a great secondary mark comes into play, which we’ll dive into soon!)

So, wondering how you can design a logo that does all of this and more? We’ve got you covered at Dekree Studio. Get your free quote today!