The Strength of a Brand Identity

When it comes to building a strong, successful business, there’s one thing that matters more than almost anything else: a strong brand identity. Without a brand identity, your business has no personality, no soul, and no attraction level — and without personality, soul, and attraction level, it’s impossible to build a community of loyal customers, create longevity, and set the stage for continued growth.

So, lemme ask: do you have a strong brand identity? And, maybe even more importantly, do you know why the strength of your brand identity matters as much as it does?

Let’s take a look.

First… what’s a brand identity?
A brand identity is a package of visual and strategic elements that distinguishes your business, creates consistency, and serves as your major identifier. Usually, this means your logo, submark, fonts, color codes, you name it — all of those things that set our brand apart.

If you’re having trouble understanding this, think of a few of your favorite brands — say, Target, the NFL, and Starbucks. Now, when you picture these, can’t you instantly see a picture of it in your brain? Maybe it’s Target’s red bullseye, the NFL’s huge font and soundtrack, or the clear cup circular logo of Starbucks — but we can prettttty much bet money on the fact that you can picture at least one piece of every single brand… regardless of how often you go to Target, watch football, or consume Starbucks.

And that, my friend, is the point. Those brand identities are so strong that they’re quite literally woven into our brains. The goal is to make your brand stand out in the same way, and that’s where a strong brand identity comes into play.

Why do brand identities strengthen a business?
The trick to understanding why brand identities strengthen a business so much is a simple one: and it’s remembering that you absolutely cannot stick out in today’s day and age without one. See, long gone are the days when a consumer picks a random business to buy from or engage with. These days, consumers are looking for BRANDS — AKA, fully fleshed-out, thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing, strategic businesses that have invested in their customer experience.

Here’s why a strong brand identity matters as much as it does:

  • Brand identities increase trust and brand recognition: When a brand is thought through and established – whether it’s through an impeccable font pairing in an ad or it’s through a remarkable logo — people see it as a brand that they can trust, that they know, and that they’d love to work with. Without a brand identity, this is simply impossible.
  • Brand identities add a level of professionalism and elevate your offers: The investment you make in a brand identity is a key piece in charging more for your offers, attracting a higher-paying clientele, and making your brand look as professional and top-of-the-line as possible.
  • Brand identities give your business a new dimension beyond your product or service: Without branding, your business is just that — a business. However, a strong brand identity gives your business room to grow and stretch, to take on new ventures, and to scale over time.


So, how do I get a strong brand identity?
At Dekree Studio, we dive deep into your business in order to transform it into a recognizable, valuable, and lovable brand that will last a lifetime. We develop your brand from the ground up, giving you a logo, submark, fonts, design elements, and more — and then are here to support you as you market and grow your brand, too.

With years of experience at our backs, our team is dedicated to uncovering the very best of what you do — and then giving you the tools you need to make sure that every customer that touches your brand understands the best of it, too. Simply fill out this form, and we’ll get in touch to schedule a call and see how we can help.

You’ve got this — we promise!