Let’s Talk About Developing a Brand Strategy

The reality for businesses these days is that, while it takes only seconds to make an impression on consumers, it takes lots of time, planning, and strategy to shape that impression. That’s where your brand strategy comes into play – long before those first impressions are made.

So, let’s take a look at what really goes into crafting a brand strategy that does it all: one that shapes your brand’s identity, inspires positive, lasting impressions, and guides your marketing efforts towards business growth and success. We’ll also cover how you can start developing your own amazing brand strategy!

What is a brand strategy? 

Before developing your own brand strategy, you have to first understand what it is, and why it’s so important for every business to have. 

To put it simply, a brand strategy is the connecting link between a business and consumers. The goal for these connections is to create positive associations – making the brand memorable to anyone who comes across it. And when we say anyone, we mean it. A great brand strategy will make a lasting impact on not just a brand’s target audience, but also anyone who interacts with, sees, or even hears about it – whether they want to make a purchase or not. 

Can you see why a brand strategy should be the foundation of your marketing efforts? It’s the driving force behind each and every marketing campaign and business decision, shining a clear light on what your brand is built on – its values, beliefs, offerings, and goals. 

The thing is, becoming memorable, standing out from competitors, and establishing a clear, positive image of your brand does not happen overnight. It takes time, a well-thought out plan, and strategic execution. 

In all honesty, you want to do this right, so asking for help from the pros is a great way to set yourself up for brand strategy success!

How a brand design firm can help you develop your brand strategy

Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a design firm, but want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Well, you came to the right place! Let’s dive into what the process might look like to work with design experts while crafting your own brand strategy.

Design plays a very important role in how your brand strategy is shaped, because your visual identity is what people will recognize or think about when interacting with your brand. 

Everything people see – from logos and colors, to graphics and images – must be cohesive across all platforms and marketing campaigns, while communicating your values and identity as a whole. 

That’s a pretty tall order! 

By working with an experienced design firm, you can feel confident in the effectiveness of your brand visuals, while also being guided through the right steps of developing your full brand strategy. 

At Dekree Studio, we understand that every brand is unique, and deserves to have its personality, voice, and mission showcased to the world. That’s why take on branding from every angle, while working closely with brands to create a compelling brand strategy that they can use to continuously connect with and captivate their audience. 

Let’s take a closer look at how a brand strategy is formed… shall we?

5 steps to developing your brand strategy

1. Identify your brand goals and purpose

Your goals and purpose should be the backbone of your brand, and need to come across in all your marketing materials. Definitely take time to reflect here. Think deeply about why your brand exists in the first place, and what you are out to accomplish. 

2. Dig out your core values

Your core values will inspire how your brand interacts with people in the world and connects you with those who share similar values, while also helping you make business decisions and keep all team members on the same page. 

3. Create a personality for your brand identity

What personality traits does your brand have? Creating a brand persona can help you communicate effectively and craft marketing materials that represent your brand perfectly. 

4. Establish brand positioning 

Positioning your brand is all about making sure you can stand out from the crowd. What are the benefits your business offers people, and how do you do things differently? 

5. Make sure all touchpoints are aligned and cohesive

Consider every area of interaction for your brand – the website, social media channels, blogs, emails, etc – and make sure it all communicates and aligns with your identity, values, purpose, and positioning. 

Now, just to help this all make sense and offer a bit of inspiration, here’s an example of a brand that has excelled at creating and implementing a successful brand strategy: Peloton.

Peloton has made a name for being far more than just a workout equipment and programming company. When you think about Peloton, you probably associate it with things like health, community, and empowerment – whether you have made a Peloton purchase or not! 

That’s because all marketing and brand decisions are clearly aligned with the brand’s purpose, goals, positioning, and identity. Peloton is recognized for why it exists, not just what it offers. As far as brand strategies go, we think this is a perfect, inspiring example to help you take on your own next steps. 

Want to get started on developing or enhancing your own brand strategy?

We would love to help! Partnering with Dekree Studio means you get customized, one-on-one guidance for developing a brand strategy that inspires loyalty and trust, makes a lasting impression, and drives your business and marketing decisions forward. 

It all starts with a simple chat. Reach out here to learn more about Dekree Studio’s brand strategy services!