Quickdrip IV

CLIENT: Quickdrip IV –  Pittsburgh, PA

Quick Drip IV bar is located in the Southside of Pittsburgh and designed to bring back your day with hydration and health drips. The location of the business is in a lively area of Pittsburgh with a large strip of bars and restaurants, our intentions were to capture that energy and embody it in the brand.


As a new business, the client was looking for a logo, branding and a website to define their business and go to market. Quick Drip was looking for a lively logo that appeals to their target demographic and illustrates who they are as a business.


Dekree Studio worked with Quick Drip to develop a logo, branding and website to launch their business. The logo incorporates their unique concept, as well as having some really fun colors to add through their location and branding.


  • Colorful Logo and Branding for Online and Store Location
  • Business Cards
  • Website  Design
  • Social Media Templates

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