Why Startups Need to Focus on Their Branding Before Going Live

When it comes to the startup life, there are a ton of moving parts to consider — all of which are equally important to the success of the startup and, often, kind of stress inducing. From finding a small-but-mighty team to procuring any needed investments to creating buzz around the launch, startup life is exciting and fast-paced… AND it has the potential to turn into an absolutely massive, profitable, success-building machine.

However, there’s something else important to the startup pre-launch process — and that’s investing in branding. While there are a bunch of important things to do when prepping to launch a startup, the right branding can almost instantly elevate and set apart your startup. Wondering why? We have you covered.

The importance of branding for startups

There’s a quote about branding by entrepreneur Seth Godin that we come back to time and time again when it comes to the importance of branding:

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

See, branding is what starts to communicate with your ideal customers and build relationships with them, long before a product or a service is purchased. Startups have the unique option to build buzz — and to grow — in a different way than more traditional businesses, and having really great branding can make a massive difference in that buzz and growth. 

Startups are often also trying to disrupt the industry they’re coming into, which is another powerful reminder that a great brand matters. By investing in smart, strategic branding from the jump, your startup can reach the right people, build the right relationships, and generate the right attention. Without that smart, strategic branding, you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities — and you’ll also miss out on the ability to start instantly building brand recognition, even pre-launch.


The best branding collateral for startups

When it comes to deciding on the brand collateral to invest in for startups, these are what our team recommends:

  • Logo
  • Logo submark
  • Color palette
  • Font selections
  • Social media marketing collateral
  • Website design

If you’re looking for branding for startups that’s rooted in strategy and craftsmanship, Decree Studio has you covered. Get your free quote today.