The Importance of a Next-Level Logo

One of the most important (and noticed) pieces of graphic design is a logo — and for good reason. Logos are a huge part of a great business, and offer so many different opportunities for the brands they represent. From giving your brand a face to streamlining your marketing collateral and everything in between, logos are a big deal for a reason. They’re also our most requested project at Dekree Studio, and an important piece of the puzzle for each and every brand and business we work with.

However, there’s a big difference between a so-so logo and a next-level logo. A so-so logo can actually do the opposite of what you want it to do (which is to help to grow your brand or business), while a solid, next-level logo can help you to scale and grow your business like you deserve. The key? Finding the right team to work with, having a visceral understanding of your business and its goals, and understanding the benefits of good ole’ innovation. 


Here’s why you shouldn’t stop until your logo design is truly next-level:

  1. Logos make your brand memorable

First things first, close your eyes and picture the businesses and brands you love the most. Whether it’s the coffee shop down the street, your fave search engine on your computer, or the box that shows up on your doorstep the most, you can probably instantly picture the logo in your mind’s eye — and that’s so, so incredibly powerful as a consumer. And, while a logo isn’t the only thing that a brand needs to be memorable, it’s a great start. 


Hot tip: Write down a list of brands with logos you love (or start a Pinterest board). Ask yourself why you connect with the logos so much and what elements you’d love to bring into your own business, and keep the list as visual brand inspiration for your next logo. While you’ll never want to copy another brand’s logo, there’s nothing wrong with using them as inspo — and it can be really helpful for your designer to see what you love, too.


  1. Logos give your brand an identity

While there’s a ton that goes into a true brand identity outside of a logo — think: colors, typefaces, a voice, consistent messaging, etc. — a next-level logo is immediately identifiable in itself, which is a huge deal. When thinking about what you want your logo to look like, it’s important to keep this in mind: your logo is what starts the identification process for your brand, whether in a great way or in a not-so-great one. 


Hot tip: Make sure you have an understanding of what you want your brand to represent, since that’s what a designer will take to heart when creating your logo. How do you want to identify your brand? How do you want your audience to identify it as? By taking the time to figure this out before any design processes are explored, you can approach it more strategically.


  1. Logos are your first method of audience communication

Realistically, your logo is going to be one of the first things any audience or potential client will see first — making it that much more important to make it a good one. From your email signature all the way to your website headers and your social collateral, your logo is going to peek through in a ton of ways… and you want it to peek through in an irresistible, next level one.


Hot tip: Once you’ve landed on a logo design that you’re really proud of, don’t be shy about it! Make sure you weave your logo and submark into everything you can with your brand and business, because it’s your next step to truly cementing your brand identity.

Ready to step up your branding with a truly next-level logo? That’s what we’re here for. Get your free quote today.