Design Services for Small Business

Does your brand need a fresh, new look?

Dekree Studio ❤️ Small Biz!

The way we do business is always changing, and you have to keep up if you want to be a top choice for your customers. In an oversaturated market, it’s important that your website resonates with your customers, defining the specialties and advantages of your services/products in a clear way. Even though your current brand and website might have gotten you this far, it’s probably time for a branding refresh.

That’s where Dekree Studio can help.

Dekree Studio’s designers will work as an extension of your current marketing team if you have one. We will do a deep dive into your business to better understand your goals, vision, customers, and competition.

We know that, no one understands your business as well as you do. We work with you to review your exisiting brand and marketing materials to discover how we can guarantee your new brand look and feel is nice and pristine. With the right brand positioning, your business can set higher prices, acquire bigger customers, and stick out amongst your competitors.

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Our standard logo, branding, and web design packages require a minimum investment of $4,500.

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Contact us today. We love to help you discover what you need to get your new brand up and running.

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