Urban Alliance

Overview Urban Alliance is a national youth development nonprofit that provides economically-disadvantaged young people with access to the exposure, opportunity, support, and training needed to prepare them for lifelong economic self-sufficiency. Urban Alliance’s core program matches underserved high school seniors with paid, professional internships, job skills training, one-on-one mentoring, and ongoing post-program support to expand […]


Overview Stretchology is a revolutionary approach to stretching and breathing where an experienced “stretchologist” moves your body while you’re relaxing on a message table. This improves flexibility, increases blood circulation, enhances muscle strength, and relieves every cell of your body from stress. Project Goals As a new concept, Stretchology needed a brand that showcased the […]


Overview Bonfire is restaurant concept. that showcases new American cuisine with a nod to campfire, wood-smoked, and cast iron cookery and features “from the hearth” cocktails. The eatery needed branding to showcase their concept. Project Goals Bonfire needed their location, menu and logo to take on the wood-fired concept. Results Taking on a whole new […]