3 Branding Tips for 2022

It’s a new year, which means it’s officially time to try out some new improvements to your business’ overall branding. See, we don’t think that you need to completely reinvent the wheel on your branding every year — in fact, not even close! However, we do think it’s always a good idea to try out new things and focus on new goals whenever possible… branding included.

So, we have you covered! This year, try out 1 (or all 3!) of these branding resolutions in your business, and, more importantly than absolutely anything else, have some fun! Branding a business isn’t supposed to feel overwhelming and exhausting… it’s supposed to feel exciting and new. Let’s go.

1) Do something that excites you.

The way we see it, a lot of people forget to embrace the excitement — and that’s really, really sad. So, in 2022, here’s your challenge: do something in your branding that makes you excited. This could be something super small (like a website font tweak), or it could be something huge (like a new logo and submark). Either way, ask yourself: what about my current branding is making me bored? What could I add to my branding to embrace a little extra excitement?

2) If you’re not ready for a full re-brand, just modernize!

So often, people look at the idea of branding as something that needs to be this massive investment and undertaking… and that’s just not true. While there’s obviously value in a beautiful rebrand when it’s needed, it’s not always necessary! Instead, choose a few elements of your brand and modernize it. This allows you to elevate small pieces of your brand for huge impact, without paying oodles of money to start from scratch.

3) Hire a designer to help.

DIY’ing your brand can be remarkably helpful (and full of value!), but there’s often more help and more value in hiring the right designer to be on your side. By being able to work with someone in their own zone of genius — design — you can focus on your own zone of genius within your business. Plus, hiring a designer can almost instantly free up your plate and fill it with benefits, from a more elevated aesthetic all the way to a more cohesive structure.

At Dekree Studio, there are few things we love more than helping other businesses create magical, dynamic brands that they’re proud of. If you’re ready to embrace your branding resolutions head on in 2022, we’d love to help. Get a quote here.