Marketing Case Study: Roll’d

roll'd storefont by dekree studio

When it comes to delicious food, Roll’d is exactly what you’re looking for. The Roll’d concept, which was created by world class D.C. chef Nobu Yamazaki, involved a simple mission — to create delicious, simple, fresh, and flavorful food that will build a cult following people will want to come back to, week after week. Nobu Yamazaki knows delicious food, and is the chef behind Washington D.C.’s only Michelin starred sushi restaurant, Sushi Taro. The mission behind their branding?

#1 Thing You Need Before Branding Your Business

When it comes to starting a new business (or refreshing an existing one), it’s easy to think of it all in black and white. After all, if you follow what seems to make sense via the internet, you’ll think that all you need is a pretty logo, a new color scheme, and a font guide that reflects your brand.

The Importance of a Next-Level Logo

One of the most important (and noticed) pieces of graphic design is a logo — and for good reason. Logos are a huge part of a great business, and offer so many different opportunities for the brands they represent. From giving your brand a face to streamlining your marketing collateral and everything in between, logos are a big deal for a reason. They’re also our most requested project at Dekree Studio, and an important piece of the puzzle for each and every brand and business we work with.

Why Startups Need to Focus on Their Branding Before Going Live

Why Startups Need to Focus on Their Branding Before Going Live

When it comes to the startup life, there are a ton of moving parts to consider — all of which are equally important to the success of the startup and, often, kind of stress inducing. From finding a small-but-mighty team to procuring any needed investments to creating buzz around the launch, startup life is exciting and fast-paced… AND it has the potential to turn into an absolutely massive, profitable, success-building machine.